Re-think everything you know about

selling a home

You won’t find our agents smiling on bus stop benches or handing out calendars at grocery stores. We’re here to change the industry and that means breaking all the rules. That means focusing on your needs first and offering true client-focused solutions.

Big Brokerages

Most real estate agencies follow the industry model of rushing properties to market and then reacting to items uncovered during the inspection and appraisal process…wasting time, causing stress, and costing you thousands of dollars and a busted deal.

Hypothetical Realtors

20-years in the construction and renovation business have educated us to uncover the most common deal-killing items and repair them before we list. When we make it to the market, we’re sticking to your price, not negotiating repairs or decreasing the sale price.

The Commission Model

Needs to Change

There is no fixed rule around commissions, but this is a sensitive issue for commission-driven agents. Let’s face it, selling a $50,000 house requires about the same amount of work as selling a $500,000 house. Our opinion is that an agent should not rake in thousands of dollars in unearned commissions based on sale price alone. Our common-sense commission structure declines as the sale price rises, saving you thousands.

Your Time is Invaluable.

We Won’t Waste It.

Our approach to communication is “phase-based.” We’ve broken the real estate transaction down to its simplest parts and built a reporting system to keep you informed throughout each phase. We respect your time, so we’ll only present the most relevant details at each phase. If you’re reaching out to us for information, we’re not doing our job. Let us handle the heavy lifting.

Incentive-Based Pay.

Yeah, Really.

Let’s take this a step further…how’s this for a strategy… we only get paid when we perform. That’s right, we use an incentive-based fee structure. If we don’t sell your property quickly, we take a pay cut. Period.

Here’s How We Want to Approach This


Learn your individual needs


Complete a comprehensive property & market assessment


Review the Results & Build a Listing Strategy


Prepare the property for market & execute the listing & marketing plan


Manage showings, agents, & offers


Work together to review offers and accept a winner


Guide the inspection and appraisal process


Control & Close The Deal

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