Re-think everything you know about

Buying a Home

Big Brokerages

The big brokerage model treats buyers as just a number, meaning they do not take the time to understand your individual needs. This is a game of commission-first and you’re the target.

To make this worse, the odds are high that you’ll find your own home and bring it to your agent. After the transaction is complete, you’ll get a coffee mug with a picture of your new home on it and a magnetic calendar with a football schedule. Not cool.

Hypothetical Realtors

Our process of working with buyers begins with a comprehensive needs assessment that helps us learn more about how we can genuinely help.

We’ll work to make sure you’re connected to the right resources at the right time. And we’ll stay connected and work closely with you to locate the best home possible. And our services don’t end
at the time of sale. We’ll stay connected to help navigate
the complexities that come with owning a new home. No
coffee mugs, sorry.

Ready to Start Your Home Search

Searching the MLS is the only 100% accurate way to view live listings. Live data you won’t find on Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, or any other “3rd Party” site.

Here’s How We Want to Approach This


Complete the individual needs assessment


We’ll match you to the best lenders


We’ll build a comprehensive buying plan based on your needs


We’ll work together to locate the perfect home


We’ll guide you through the inspection, appraisal & remedy process


And seal the deal to get you in your new home

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