Re-Think everything you know about

Buying investment property

Simplifying the

Buying investment property is difficult…especially if you are out of state.

Your #1 question is “where should I buy?”

We’ve spent thousands of hours deciphering the local market so we can answer this question. You can check out our free interactive solution to get started.

Confidence Leads to Closed Deals

Your #2 question should be “is this a good deal?... and how do you know?”

We’re investors first, so we understand how to look at deals conservatively and transparently to reach an answer. Our goal is to provide enough information to get you 100% confident in your investment. We figured out how to analyze the entire market and can make that information available to you.

More Than a
Commission Check

Our mission for investor buyers is rooted in education. Understanding the market and how it behaves takes time and commitment, and it will pay off. Guiding your journey with educational content is the quickest way to an offer.

Once you reach the confidence of submitting offers, we’ll work with you directly to complete the due diligence process.

Ready to Search for Your Next Investment?

Information You Won’t Find on Zillow, Redfin, Trulia or any Other “Third Party” Site.

Market Statistics

Here’s How We Want to Approach This


We’ll start by assessing your individual needs


We’ll help you create a long-term roadmap


Now it’s time to learn the local market


Next, we’ll collaborate to locate a deal that meets your needs


Time to submit offers, complete due diligence & close your deal


We’ll work to maximize your income with management solutions


And we’ll repeat this process to grow your holdings over time